Precision Fit

.....The 'Perfect Fit'.....

Regardless of the type of rider you are, the bike you ride or the genre of cycling you choose, a pain and discomfort free ride should be achievable for everyone. How many times have either yourself or fellow riding companions discussed over post pedal coffees how various parts of their body have felt pain and discomfort during the ride. For the vast majority of people, investing some time with a bike fitting professional can address these issues to ensure that each and every ride is an amazing experience.
Here at BE, we utilise the Trek 'Precision Fit' system which has been developed by some of the leading minds in bike fitting around the world to provide a comprehensive and bespoke fit for every type of rider. Each 'Precision Fit' client will experience a 1:1 consultation with Darren, our bike fit professional, during which a suite of in depth anatomical and mechanical assessments will take place to capture essential data that will form the base from which the fit will evolve. We are then able to combine this data with real time motion capture video to optimise on bike position and set up.
Whether you are about to pull the trigger on a new bike, have a current bike which is not feeling dialed in or simply wish to make changes to position due to an upcoming event or race, the 'Precision Fit' system is ideally suited across all cycling disciplines including triathlon.
For further information, or to discuss specific needs/make a booking drop into our Halifax Street store or call/email and speak to Darren....
Quite simply at BE our stance is clear......#committofit