These are the people who keep the wheels turning at Bicycle Express on the daily...

Peter Tregoweth - Owner.

The big guy, "The silver fox" or maybe "Pistol Pete". He gets called lots of different names. He pays the bills and likes to think he can choose the music being played in the shop. Loves a yarn and doesn't mind a nice glass of red and romantic walks along the beach.

Ben Tregoweth - City Manager

"Trigger" as he is known to many. Loves to go hard and fast on his bike, MTB especially. Does not mind the back wheel trying to overtake his front wheel either. Calls a spade a spade and gets things done!

Sam Tregoweth - Norwood Manager

"Hemi" or maybe "Slippery". He is certainly a slippery one to try and catch on a climb on his road bike. Don't let his size fool you, those big legs pack a hell of a punch up the hills! The younger of the two brothers and the faster one up a hill much to Ben's frustration!

Ben Kelly - Purchasing Manager City & Norwood

"Beno", "The Bald Eagle", "Reckless" or even "Ned". Knows a thing or six about bikes, the bike industry and has many a funny story from bike racing years ago. Loves a family holiday/adventure too. He's pretty damn good at keeping both our stores stocked full of goodies too!

Andrew Clarke - City Manager

"Clarkey". Where to begin... Don't let the boyish good looks fool you. He's a character on and off the bike. MTB, Road, CX and more, does it all. Often mistaken as a work experience placement with those boyish good looks of his. Loves a good prank and preferably being the one playing it on someone else!

Todd Folland - Chief Mechanic City

"Flanders" as everyone knows him! He's an outdoors guy that's taken more trips to Canada then you've had roast dinners at your mums place. He has some stories to back it up too! A whiz on the spanners that doesn't shy away from a challenging job and just getting it done!

Howie Clarke - Chief Mechanic Norwood

Just "Howie" mostly or sometimes referred to as "England" due to his origin. Howie is a bit of a whiz on Campagnolo set up and owns nearly one of EVERY bike imaginable so he knows how to fix stuff! Also has a soft spot for a big 4x4 too.

Darren Buckby - Precision Fit & Staff Development City

He's aero, the only hair on him is on his head! He owns more shoes than a shoe shop & has rather expensive taste too! He will set you up on your bike amazingly well & talks with a British accent!

Chris Dimbill - Senior Sales & MTB Specialist City

The "Wildman". This guy has ridden MTB's before they were even called that! Rides everything and does it well but MTB is his strong point. Whether its DH, XC or anything in between, he knows it and is a super friendly guy to boot. Host of Saturday morning shop MTB rides and ringleader of Tuesday night "Fight-night" MTB rides.

Justin Young - Second In Charge Workshop City

Pictured in action! A ridiculously smart and talented guy that happens to be a bit of a McGyver on the tools and loves a really good prank. As seen here filling a staff members tubes with water for some extra resistance up the hills!

Lyndsey Bates - Bike Finance City

"Lyndz" or "Struth" as she is known is a very strong competitor on the bike! Doesn't mind some triathlon or whatever is put in front of her. She's probably got bigger muscles than you too so don't try and haggle her on price!

Carolyn Dangerfield - Sales City

Well known as "Caro". She's a competitive one on two wheels. She doesn't care for compact cranks and will happily be in the 53-11 sprinting against you at a club race or a race to the coffee shop! Did we mention she likes the colour pink & loves dogs!

Grant Allen - Sales City

"Occasional" as he only works when he feels like it, is our resident pro hand-cyclist. He spends three quarters of his time galavanting around the countryside on his handcycle. You've probably seen him out and about on one of his regular 200km training rides!

Matt Taylor - Mechanic City

Matt's a bit of a go getter on any two wheels he has underneath him. Whether its DH laps or even a 24hr moto event, he'll be there smiling & having more fun than you most likely. He knows the ins and outs of any bike damn well too!

Shaun Emery - Sales City

Shaun is a quiet and unassuming guy perhaps from the outside but give him anything with wheels and he knows what to do & how to do it well. Probably why he usually cleans up when all the staff here go go kart racing together!

Bernie Hart - Sales City

Bernie is a bike building machine! maybe all the years racing BMX & tinkering in the shed is the reason for this! Remember the movie BMX Bandits? Bernie sure does! Maybe he was even in it...

Stephen Tsiavos - Sales Norwood

This guy is smoother than a V6 Camry. "Sparky" as he is known. Seems to know nearly everyone in Adelaide and all the best spots for food and coffee too!

Phil Norton - Goods Inwards City

"Walshy"! Don't let the photo of him in the old bag of fruit fool you! If he's not run off his feet dealing with delivery drivers and staff looking for stock, he'll be churning out miles on his roady or maybe having a couple quiet ones watching his beloved Adelaide Crows.

Rebecca Tsiamas - Sales/Marketing City

Bec loves a good two wheeled adventure whether it be road or dirt oriented. Getting a MTB for the first time and busting a wing nearly right away couldn't even slow her up. Always smiling and happy to help out!

Michael Devitt - Mechanic City

Usually a colourful and easily spotted character on the road. Lets be honest, he's an encyclopedia of knowledge & there's a good chance if you chat with him, he'll politely chew your ear off! Studying to become an engineer, he may end up designing your new bike in 10 years time!

Iain Castle - Sales City

"The Governor" or "England" as he is sometimes referred to as. Loves a good yarn, especially about euro road bikes & equipment along with English football. Old Campy questions, he's your man. Did we mention he loves a yarn?

Lewis Denver - Sales Norwood

Started out as "Mad dog" but evolved into "Rat dog" after sadly ratting out a fellow staff member for leaving a saddle on a counter. The young fella is flat out like a lizard drinking. Loves to ride MTB then ride some more MTB. Multi tool expert, just ask him what he knows about them, particularly rules re taking them on airplanes as carry on luggage!

Anthony Bogiatzis - Mechanic City

This guy is another staff member who seems to have nearly every type of bike imaginable! Good luck trying to catch him up a hill too, he's like a rat up a drain pipe! He also has a bit of a penchant for green bikes & eats more rice than you'd believe possible!