2019 Cervélo S5 Disc Ultegra Di2

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Fast, Aero, Comfortable & It Looks Great!

The new Cervélo S5 is a game changer. It's aero & fast sure. It's also a lot more comfortable and compliant than previous versions of the S series bikes they have produced in the past. Incredibly straightforward and simple in terms of how the handle bars, stem and frame integrate together. Providing simplicity in set up and maintenance. It has been optimized to be as aero as possible within UCI rules and regulations. Disc brake is the only option on this new frame and they are cleanly and neatly integrated into this amazing bike.

Who Should Buy One?

Undoubtedly as always the S series range from Cervélo is made for the racer or someone who wants a fast bike. The big change up from previous versions is the compliance on offer. Previous versions were fast but the sacrifice was comfort. They have worked hard on this with the new bike & it is far more enjoyable to ride than previous versions and in terms of a stiff, fast, aero race bike, it's incredibly compliant in its class. If you want a sharp looking bike that's going to be fast & thrilling to ride, you've found the bike for you...