2021 Cervelo Caledonia Ultegra

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Caledonia is a bike for the way riders ride. It’s not a Grand Tour bike, where the skinniest of chubby tires rub the stays, and it’s not a gravel bike butting up against an 1989 MB-1.

It’s a bike for the rides that kick off at the café, hammer up thoroughfares to get out oftown, wind through chip-seal backroads, take that cutty dirt road that links up to the base of the mountain, and then scream downhill back toward home.

Caledonia doesn’t fit in a box nicely, and we like it that way. It was conceived on ourThursday night rides—routes that often play fast and loose with ‘road ride.’ As we tried tostuff bigger tires into our R5s and streamline our Asperos, a new kind of bike was born.



Our bolt-on front derailleur mount is made from high strength aluminium alloy and attaches to the frame with two countersunk screws. This allows for easy replacement in the event of damage, but also enables you to adapt to new standards as they become available or remove the front derailleur mount completely if you choose a 1x system.


Integrated mounts enable the use of fenders, lights and computers without compromising the aerodynamics or structure of your bike. The built-in mount systems provide a simple and clean-looking solution

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