2021 Cervelo Caledonia-5 Force eTap AXS

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The Caledonia-5 was inspired by our own out-the-front-door rides, and built for the way we ride bikes. You could call it an “all road” or “endurance” bike, but when it comes right down to it, the Caledonia is the bike we keep reaching for when we know the odometer’s going well past the triple digit mark. Long rides invariably have some smooth tarmac, some junk pavement over backroads, a cutty singletrack connector, and maybe even your own localStrade Bianche sector. So we built a bike that could take on all of them, do it well, and fitfenders in case the ominous clouds turn into a downpour 130km into your day.

We don’t see road bikes as fragile machines meant only for putting watts into and receiving speed from. They’re an extension of our soul, of the way we want to see our worlds, and the lives we want to live. Sometimes that means cutting across park grass, and sometimes it’sseeing where that dirt road off to the left leads you. The Caledonia-5 is a bike for the modernroad rider.



The Cervélo frame, fork, handlebars, and associated components are designed to hide brake and shift control lines (mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic) from the wind for improvedaerodynamics, without sacrificing usability or performance.


The Caledonia’s integrated stem and two bearing cap options allow for stacks rangingbetween an aggressive 7mm and a relaxed 22mm without the use of spacers. With a wider fitcoordinate range (stack) of 580mm to 687mm, the Caledonia can be as low as a slammed R3 or taller than our tallest C3. All while looking and being seamlessly fast in the wind.


Integrated mounts enable the use of fenders, lights and computers without compromising the aerodynamics or structure of your bike. The built-in mount systems provide a simple andclean-looking solution efficiency in a lighter weight frame. BBrightTM is compatible with all major crank standards.

2021 Cervelo Caledonia-5 Force eTap AXS specs