2021 Cervelo R5 Disc Red eTap AXS

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The R5 is engineered to help you achieve glory—whatever that is for you. World Tour riderspraise its unrivaled stiffness, light weight, and stable handling. This bike isn’t only for the pros though, the ultimate all-round ride experience is here for you.

The R5 sits at the top of the road category with a frame fine-tuned for greater speed. Our Pro Fit geometry offers a more aerodynamic position and prioritizes stability and handling at even higher velocities. It’s a reference for stiffness and weight in this category yet retains the ride quality you need to stay fresh on the biggest of days.



SquovalTM Max tubes are part of a library of tube shapes that combine the attributes of a square with an oval but with a more aerodynamic leading edge. With these unique shapes, we dial in the ideal balance of stiffness and weight in specific areas of a frame, while reducing aerodynamic drag.


Cervélo’s Pro Fit offers our lowest frame stack heights to enable an aerodynamic riding position. The Pro Fit is the direct result of input from our pro racers who wanted to get their handlebars as low as possible for maximum aerodynamic advantage.


Cervélo developed BBrightTM to take advantage of the fact that oversized frame tubes are stiffer and lighter. With the BBrightTM system, larger-sized tubes are used in the seat tube, down tube, and left hand chain stay. The benefit is increased stiffness and pedaling efficiency in a lighter weight frame. BBrightTM is compatible with all major crank standards.