Trek Project One First Light

Trek Project One First Light

Introducing First Light

Awaken from your slumber and ride towards new horizons with the latest customised paint scheme in Project One.
Inspired by the land of the rising sun, First Light is ablaze with hand‑painted ribbons of colour, reminiscent of the magic of early‑morning rides.

First light is ablaze with hand-painted ribbons of colour in divine shades of blue, pink, gold and red, layered beneath a pure-tinted logo, and it's available exclusively on Madone SLR, Emonda SLR and Supercaliber. Plus, this magnificent scheme will be raced by over 50 athletes this summer in the biggest sporting event in the world - and if you are a customers who loves bright colours, racing Trek you will be sure to ask about it.

Us at Bicycle Express have full access to the collection and are able to order in any model equip with all the specifications you would like! Inquire via email or phone us up!

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