Coffee on Pinks

Great coffee with a side of delicious

Coffee | Breaky Pots | Salads | Toasties | Pastries | Vegan Treats

TRADING HOURS: Monday to Saturday 8-3

We would like to welcome Ash & Amanda to the Bicycle Express Coffee Shop. The name will now be Coffee on Pinks. Ash & Amanda will be taking over on the 17th of August. They will be floating about a little before over the next couple of weeks so make sure to say hi if you see them. Check out their Instagram here so get a sneak peak at all the food that will be on offer.

Coffee on Pinks, Coffee and Breakfast Pots



- 5 senses coffee
- Well rounded medium roast


- Fresh pressed apple juice

- Kombucha

- Coconut Water

- Soft Drinks


- Grab and Go Breakfast pots - Chia pudding, granola, bircher muesli.

- Sweet and Raw Slices

- Pastries from Abbots and Kinney

- Sandwiches / Breakfast and lunch

- Lunch Wraps

- Gluten free and vegan options

- Seasonal Salads/Soups

Coffee on pinks, Salads