Studio 19

How it all works

Bike Rental In Adelaide Made Easy.

Studio19 is a company that we work with to allow you to make your new bike dreams a reality. Studio19 is simple and works out great for you as a consumer. The application takes only around 15 minutes in store and is done on your phone or some bikes listed on our website can be applied for by following the apply now button. Once you have approval you can take delivery of your bike. We would however recommend talking to one of our knowledgeable staff about what bike is right for you and stock availability... 

Renting your bike can make a lot of sense in many ways. The best thing about Studio19 is that you have the bike for a minimum of 6 months. At the 6 month point you have options! You can continue happily renting your bike, if you're not into it or enjoying it you can simply return the bike and stop the rental or the other cool thing that you can do is to return the bike and then enter into a new rental agreement and get another brand new bike!

When you sit down and actually do the math on the cost of it, you will save money by getting your bike through this method. The beauty of it is that you never end up with a bike with outdated technology or a bike that you have to sell either. No more dealing with having to sell a used bike and dealing with all of the pain that comes with that!

If you're thinking of trying a certain bike or type of riding and are unsure if you will like it or stick with it, this is the way to do it! You only have a 6 month commitment to the bike and if it's not for you at that point, you can hand it back! Maybe you want a road bike for use over summer? Perhaps a MTB for winter? You can also rent smart trainers with Studio19 too!

The Storyline

Check the little story line of it below to see how the numbers actually do stack up. As an example we have a bike for $6500 that is brand new. You buy the bike, ride it and own it for between 6-12 months. Within that period as you get closer to the 12 month mark there are maintenance costs to think of as well. At the end of that 6-12 month window you would most likely sell your bike for around $4000-$4500 most likely. So effectively the bike has cost you between $2000-$2500 to own. If you rent the bike using Studio19, you will pay $70 a week and then at the end of 6 months, you can turn the bike over and simply grab a new one. After 6 months you will have paid $1889.50c (this includes an initial admin fee of $17.50 you will pay on your first payment) and you will be ready to get on board a new bike. No hassle of selling your old bike, no outdated bike and potentially avoiding a lot of cost of maintaining your bike as you own it for a longer period of time! It's a great way to own and enjoy the bike of your dreams!