New P1 Colours Available

Mix it up with the freshest paint schemes

A cacophony of color is waiting to roll into your shop with new launches from Project One

Gather ‘round Project One’s latest Campfire
Released 20 October 2023

Introducing another addition to our Real Smoke ICON series – Campfire serves as a beacon of individuality for customers who want to ignite sparks and speed during every ride. This super-hot scheme comes in a three-colour fade and is now available on all premium road models.

Heather Fog rolls into Project One
Released 15 September 2023

The newest addition to the Real Smoke Project One ICON family is here. Heather Fog complements the current red, white and blue options and comes in beautiful matte finish with white gloss logos. Now available on all premium road platforms.

Prismatic bursts into Project One
Released August 24, 2023

A third, stunning colorway has been added to the Crystalline ICON theme. This jaw-dropping paint scheme creates a color prism that refracts light in multiple dimensions to steal gazes from all that surround it. Now available on all premium road platforms.


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