Trek Fuel EXe

All-new eMTB is a new breed of mountain bike


While other electric bikes keep chasing more power, higher torque and bigger batteries, the Fuel EXe brings natural-feeling assist with a system that’s so compact and quiet, you might forget it’s there. It’s one of the lightest eMTBs on the market at around 18.14 kg, so it handles more like a regular trail bike, but with a smooth-feeling boost that’s not as intense as a high-power rig like Rail or Powerfly.

We partnered with German robotics manufacturer TQ to develop the Fuel EXe hand-in-hand with their new HPR 50 motor. Their patented harmonic pin ring transmission is smaller, quieter and more dependable than traditional e-bike motors that use gears and belts. Once your customers experience the serene sound and feel of riding Fuel EXe, e-biking will never be the same!

The 360 watt hour battery provides power for around four hours. It’s concealed in the downtube, but it’s still super easy to remove. There’s also an optional 160 watt hour Range Extender that fits in the bottle cage for an easy 40% increase in range.

The Fuel EXe rolls on 29-inch wheels with 140 mm of rear travel paired with a 150 mm fork. The geometry is fine-tuned for stability on steep, high-speed descents and an efficient pedalling position for climbing.

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