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CRV tools are functional, lightweight, and durable tools ideal for roadside or trail-side use. The forged aluminum side plates are lightweight and easy to use while wearing gloves. The chrome vanadium bits and fastening hardware are nickel plated. Forged Center-Pivot bits increase tool rigidity and improve ergonomics. A cast steel chain breaker with 9/10 speed chains (CRV 12 & 20) and has 3 integrated spoke wrenches.

WEIGHT: 150g

- Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
- Star shaped T25
- Phillips and Flat head
- Chain breaker: 9/10/11 speed
- Spoke wrenches: Mavic Mtv, 3.22, 3.45
- Serrated Knife 60mm
- Tyre Lever: Open end 10mm
- Bottle Opener: Open End 8mm, Disc brake wedge

- Aluminum Construction: a lightweight and durable construction used throughout our line to create elegant and functional products
- Chrome Vanadium Plus: CRV+ is an extremely hard steel developed specifically for the use in tool bits and features a special anti-corrosion treatment
- CNC Machined: CNC machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction
- Forged: forging is a manufacturing process that forms a hardened metal into an incredibly strong structure without adding weight
- Center Pivot Bits: precision CNC machined Center-Pivot design increases bit rigidity and improves tool ergonomics while reducing weight