Trek Speed Concept - Project One

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Designed to make you faster than ever

Six minutes. That’s how much faster this Speed Concept is on an Ironman course than previous models. When you’re racing to place, that’s a huge advantage. But these types of gains don’t come easy – it took years to hone the bike’s design to blazing fast perfection. After thousands of iterations and a handful of trips to the wind tunnel, we found every watt and gram possible.

Fast shapes, ultra-light carbon

Drag-reducing Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shapes cut through the air, and ultra-light 800 Series OCLV Carbon allows us to craft these fast aero shapes without compromising on weight.

Redesigned aero frame

From the fork to the headtube and the seat stays, Speed Concept’s frame is meticulously engineered for aero gains and is 180 grams lighter than our previous chassis.

Disc brakes without the weight

Disc brakes deliver more stopping power than rim brakes in any conditions, but they can also add weight. By optimising the design of the fork and the wheels, we only added 170 grams. Most disc brakes designs add 450 grams of weight!

Stay fuelled, stay fast

Carbon fibre and aero tube shapes aren’t the only factors that’ll make you faster. That’s why we put a ton of brainpower into creating the most aerodynamic and intuitive hydration and fuelling systems for Speed Concept. You won’t miss out on free speed, and you’ll stay perfectly gassed up for your ride and run.

A more comfortable, compliant ride

Most tri bikes are… wildly uncomfortable to say the least. Not this one, as it comes with road-smoothing IsoSpeed that’s 30% more compliant than before. Because triathletes naturally sit closer to the nose of the saddle, we did a lot of testing to figure out the best place to put IsoSpeed. The result is a new, tri-specific IsoSpeed with a pivot position that’s much further forward than other road bikes. And if you’re wondering if a more comfortable ride translates to performance improvement – yes. In real-world testing done by Trek’s Performance Research Lab. we’ve found that a more compliant ride is less fatiguing for your body and helps keep you fresher for the run.

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