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High protein, low carb, big flavour, perfect any time.

Finally. A high performance, plant-based complete protein shake that tastes amazing and promotes active recovery and gut health too. Cappo’s velvety-smooth coffee and cocoa blend is crafted to support lean muscle mass, and it’s packed with prebiotics and anti-inflammatory superfoods. Strong foundations from the inside out — the ultimate Cappuccino!

  • Rebuild muscle with 20g complete plant protein
  • Reduce inflammation with turmeric and black pepper
  • Restore gut health with prebiotic fibre

    Boss your protein

    Cappo makes it easy to get your protein intake right. In each serve you get an optimal 20g of high quality complete plant protein — that means all 9 essential amino acids, plus 3g of BCAAS — to promote healthy muscle recovery, feel fuller for longer, improve energy levels and support hormone and enzyme production.

    Follow your gut

    A healthy gut is the foundation of good health — and now you can support yours with your protein shake. Cappo’s thoughtful mix of prebiotic fibre (from chicory root and citrus) actively promotes healthier digestion, supported by the proven anti-inflammatory merits of turmeric and black pepper.

    Low carb

    When your ingredients taste this good, you don’t need to hide them behind artificial sweeteners or added sugar. Sumptuous Cappo clocks in at only 0.4g of sugar and 122 calories per serving. Now it’s even easier to make high quality protein part of your daily wellbeing routine.

    Shake it up any time

    A high protein, low carb, zero caffeine shake that actively supports gut health and tastes amazing. Is this the hardest working protein shake on the market? We think so.



    Cappo is a delicious, versatile and super convenient way to increase your daily protein intake, any time of day.

    ☕️ Swap out your morning coffee for a fast and delicious protein boost? Easy.

    🕓 Beat the 4pm slump with a satisfying smooth cappuccino flavour of Cappo? Great idea.

    🏅Reward yourself after a gym session with a protein shake that calms and restores? Absolutely.


    Active adults should aim to consume 1.2g to 1.6g of protein per kg of body weight each day (86). Your body can absorb around 25g of protein at a time, so spreading out your dietary protein throughout the day is vital. 

    To actively fuel your recovery aim to drink Cappo within 60 minutes of finishing exercise.

    Once mixed, keep refrigerated and enjoy within 24 hours. Simple.